Embryologist, Todd Stroud will cover an overview of historical and currently available embryo transfer technologies.  He will further discuss details on the scientific process of in-vitro fertilization used in the industry today.  He will cover what results can be expected using Hoofstock’s process of ova collection and in-vitro fertilization.  This will be an eye-opening discussion for many of the veterinarians who have not kept up with embryo transfer technologies.  


Beef Genetics, Why do we Make the Choices we Make?  - Dr. Andy Herring, Professor at TAMU and holder of the John K. Riggs’41  Beef Cattle Professorship

Dr. Herring will draw from his expansive experience in the area of cattle genetics and discuss area of cross breeding, including what Bos Taurus, Bos Indicus and Bos Euro bring to the mix.  Where do we need to be headed, and how do we meet the “boutique” markets we now face. 


Feeding for the Specialty Plate, From Birth to Slaughter – Dr. Robert T. Winn DVM, Practitioner, Consultant and Nutritionist

Dr. Winn will draw from his years of nutrition work to discuss the different types of systems needed and ration ideas for meeting the desires of the customers in today’s world.  He will include a discussion on overall nutrition for the conventional cow/calf operator, backgrounder and feedlots.  But from there he will cover specialty markets including grass fed beef, Wagyu, show feeds, developing feeds, dairy calf raisers, early weaning, and pasture supplementation of growing cattle. 


Gut Effect on Health and Production, Current Thoughts and New Methodologies – Dr. Michael Kogut, USDA – ARS, Research Microbiologist and Lead Scientist in the College Station Laboratory, and Producer of the Gut Health Symposium held yearly in Kansas City. 

Dr. Kogut will bring us up to speed on current endeavors of studying gut flora, and its effect on production and health.  How much of our production effects occur because of the gut microflora?  What new technologies are being used to study the different microbial floras and where will this take us?  The symposiums he hosts are spectacular and he is going to introduce us to some of that technology. 


Dairy Cattle Genetics, What is New and What Technologies are Available. TBA