The American Bovine Foundation 
At the American Bovine Foundation we are a group of cattlemen and cattlewomen who recognize the decline of professionals going in to the cattle industry.

As we observe how the business is growing and expanding the realization of the declining numbers of bovine practitioners creates a vital need for awareness and problem solving.


It is the mission of the ABF to help educate high school students of the vast occupations encompassed in this field. The ABF is partnering with the national FFA counsel in providing education, scholarships and awareness.  


Our main objective is to aid in providing relief from the enormous debt those graduating from the schools of veterinarian medicine.  The American Bovine Foundation has set a goal of providing $1,550,000 in grants to graduating seniors.  This will be a grant of $50,000 to each of the 31 veterinarian colleges. With the advancement of selective breeding through embryotic science there is a growing need in a field that has been on a steady decline over the last 25 years.  The ABF has a goal to educate and inspire the next generation to pursue careers in these fields. The ABF is asking that you partner with us in our efforts to educate, research and fund the bovine field for the next generation to carry on the improvement of the industry.