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Our Mission is to Help The Future of our industry

“To ensure the well-being of our human agricultural and livestock capital by securing the future of rural industries through encouraging, inspiring, and assisting students with the financial resources to supplement the costs of various educational and developmental programs.”

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what is the american bovine foundation

The American agriculture industry is experiencing a shortage of talent development within the vocational, professional and university pipeline, which puts the agriculture economy as well as the domestic food supply chain at risk.  Recognizing this, a group of visionary agriculture professionals gathered to create a unique method to increase awareness and reverse this consequential trend.  Since it takes bold thinking and innovative actions to develop solutions for long lasting change, The American Bovine Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded to serve as the catalyst, resource, and coordinator for the entire industry to target the next generation of agriculture leaders.

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our vision

Create educational and developmental opportunities for the next generation of agribusiness, animal science professionals, producers, and Ag-entrepreneurs.  Working in concert with livestock and commodity producers, youth organizations, and professional associations to promote opportunities, encourage new talent from around the US, and financially assist youth in establishing these ag centric careers.

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2021 - The Year of the Romagnola

The Romagnola has been selected for our American Bovine Foundation symbol in 2021 for the recognition of this amazing breed of cattle
The Romagnolo breed is one of the five recognized breeds of Italian cattle

This unique composite is derived from a combination of Bos Podolico and Bos Inducus Genetics which are two unrelated primitive Bovine gene reserves

The Eurasian Oxen Bos Podolico is a wild breed of cattle found throughout the Steppe grasslands and were domesticated by early man

The Nelore cattle from the Ongole region of Northern Pakistan is 1 of the three Bos Inducus breeds used in the development of the American Brahman breed and the contributing factor of Polled Brahman Genetics

The Nelore were introduced into the Romagnola region of northern Italy from the Ongole region of Pakistan by a King Agilulf of Milan in 556 A.D.King Agilulf was intrigued with breeding superior livestock and the development of new breeds by focusing on distinctive beneficial traits.

It was his goal to produce a beast of burden with the ability to transport large loads and provide a carcass with an abundance of meat

He contributed to the development of all five Italian breeds of cattle by importing the Ongle Nelore cattle and Asiatic Water-buffalo on a 3300 mile cattle drive from Ongole Pakistan to Milan, Italy

His noted breeds were the Romagnola and a unique dairy line of water buffalo for the production of authentic mozzarella cheese.